Internation Notary Services Online Safe Secure Guaranteed Mexico

Internation Notary Services Online  Safe Secure Guaranteed Mexico
Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Additional Frequently Asked Questions cam be found at NotaryCam.

1. Is This A Secure On line Notary Service?
Yes, our services utilize a secure, 3rd Party Verification system for all identity and document records and Notary ceremonies. The documents, video and audio portions of the ceremony will be retained in an on line, secure repository for future reference, in accordance with Virginia state law.

2. Are on line Notarization processes legal?
Certainly! On July 1, 2012, the Commonwealth of Virginia signed into effect bills S.B. 827 and H.B. 2318. This groundbreaking legislation authorizes Commonwealth of Virginia Notaries to legally notarize anyone's signature from anywhere in the world with this video and audio technology. You can read more about the legislation by clicking on this link and then on the LEGAL tab at the top of the that will pop up next.

3. What is the difference between a traditional Notarized document and an online Notarized document?
The only differences between the two are the tools that are involved. All Notarial acts remain the same except for the introduction of electronic signature, electronic notary stamps, and video and audio technology for the process.

   Personal appearance, positive identification, and required Notarial processes are still utilized with on line Notarization. All information remains confidential and will never be shared with any 3rd party. Your information will never be sold.

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